What's Depth Chart Database all about?

As shown from the 2019 NCAA Diversity Research Database, throughout Divisions I-III, student-athletes(BIPOC) of color represent 28% of student-athletes. However, The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports(TIDES) states people of color represent 13% of college athletic departments. The landscape of college athletics is changing as there is an understanding that the lack of people of color within athletic departments is problematic because the demographics of those working with the student-athletes do not represent them. Athletic departments are looking for ways to diversify their staff and provide their student-athletes with people that resemble that of their student-athletes. Depth Chart Database is a subscription-based service that can help you diversify your candidate pools. Depth Chart Database provides college athletic departments with diverse candidate pools and encompasses minorities from all NCAA Divisions 1, 2, 3 and NAIA institutions.

Questions & Answers

Depth Chart Database was made by an athletic administrator to diversify applicant pools that reflects the demographics of the student body. As the data shows many applicant pools fail to be diverse because departments are unsure where to find a candidate pool that reflects the student-athlete population. Using human resources and personal networks to find diverse applicants is a thing of the past. We bring the diverse pool to you.

In order to sign up to Depth Chart Database, navigate to the top of the website and hover over "What is Depth Chart Database" and click on For Employers. Follow the steps to learn more about the database and the pricing structure.

As a client of Depth Chart Database, you will be able to access an individual’s current position, highest level of education completed, work email, and previous institutions and positions.

If your athletic department has a subscription up to 5 people in your department can access the Depth Chart Database using their log in information.

Depth Chart Database is currently a compilation of collegiate athletics people of color from Division I-III and NAIA, institutions.

The database will be updated by each individual in the database. They will be provided with log in information so that they may update their information as it occurs.

Founder & President

Daniel Fitzpatrick is a student-athletes services expert who has worked extensively within collegiate athletics, when he realized the data showed there was both a lack of diversity within athletic departments and the applicant pools across the nation. Fitzpatrick has experienced working in athletic departments of all sizes and location, with his most recent position and place of employment as the Assistant Director for Student-Athlete Support Services at Loyola University Maryland while receiving his Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction for Social Justice. While at Loyola, Fitzpatrick serves as a member of the Patriot League Anti-Racism Commission and has helped student-athletes create a Black Student-Athlete Coalition. Prior to that position, he has worked at Austin Peay University, the University of Notre Dame, and Tennessee State University. The native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fitzpatrick was an All-American defensive back at Tennessee State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications.

The value of a diverse team is its capacity to challenge the norm or group think and thus boost organizational performance and improve decision making.

– Yrthya Dinzey-Flores